Aunt Taylor

Are you a bad little boy? I'd love to tease you then force you to suck on my nipples and nurse me like a little baby...then have you pee and shit your diapers for me....aren't you embarrassed...wetting your diapers at your age...I'll remove your wet diaper then put you over my lap and spank your ass hard...I may even slip a finger in your ass while I spank you...then I'll put a new diaper on you and fasten it very tight...if you don't cry I'll let you drink from Aunt Taylor's wet pussy....and if you wont, I'll force you to lick it me at 1-800-700-1314.
It's $1.69/min. 10 minute minimum.Visa/MC/Amex & Checks. Live. 1-on-1. No Restrictions. 18+